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Double Wide Micro Log Strips - 5 Pack

InStock (>5 pcs)
Brand: Groundspeak
Category: Logbooks
Geocache size: micro, small

No more soaked log sheets! 

These might be the perfect replacement strips for maintaining your micro cache. Made of official Rite in the Rain® waterproof paper, these strips are tear resistant, water resistant, and muggle resistant! 

Five log sheets are included.

Some of the features of these Rite in the Rain® products:

  • Use a pencil or all weather pen when log sheet is wet
  • Use most writing elements or even a key or other metal TOTT when dry (it is ok if you forgot your pen!)
  • Resists everything that the elements can provide including water, stains and tearing
  • Invented over 100 years ago and still made in Tacoma, Washington
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Simply the best paper for geocaching log sheets available

Dimensions of 1 sheet:  Approximately 3,2 cm x 23 cm  and includes numbered spaces for up to 44 entries.

Five log sheets are included.